Scot of the South


This is SCOT

SCOT of the South Black Angus is free from hormone growth promotants, raised in the lush open pastures in the Darling Downs and Liverpool Plains, and grain fed for a minimum of 150 days. The result is Mb3 to Mb5+ premium Black Angus beef.

It’s 100% Australian Black Angus Beef. And it’s simply delicious. Try it for yourself.


Authentically Angus.
The Taste of Tradition.


This magnificent beef cut is a large ribeye steak, with an impressive length of bone left intact. This signature ‘handle’ is where the cut gets its name from. Tender, flavoursome and highly marbled, the impression this cut leaves, is as big as the cut itself.


Our SCOT Striploin is one of the most flavoursome steaks available. Also known as Sirloin, Porterhouse or New York Strip, it’s renowned for its balance of marbling, flavour and tenderness. The distinctive fat coverage along the top of the cut helps retain its juiciness.

Cube Roll

Our renowned SCOT Cube Roll is a sought-after and highly desired cut. Also known as Scotch Fillet or Rib Eye, its generous marbling ensures it’s juicy and tender with a rich, buttery finish.



Our SCOT Tenderloin is the ultimate soft and tender cut. The tenderloin is famously tender because it’s sourced from a muscle that does very little work. This also delivers a subtle flavour profile, making tenderloin a highly-prized cut.

Oyster Blade

Our SCOT Oyster Blade is succulent, delicious and renowned for its versatility. With delicate marbling throughout, and its trademark centre link, the Oyster Blade is perfect for slow cooking. steaks or stirfries.


Our SCOT Shortloin is an all time favourite with two different beef cuts attached to the one bone. With Striploin on one side and Tenderloin on the other, this is a cut that delivers a varied outstanding eating experience.

Point End Brisket

Our SCOT Point End Brisket has had a rise to fame in recent years becoming an iconic cut associated with the low’n’slow BBQ movement. Brisket is best braised or slow cooked for maximum enjoyment.


Our SCOT D Rump is a large piece of beef made up of the Rump Cap and Rost Biff. This versatile cut is an allrounder that is packed with flavour and possibilities.

Wherever you see the True Aussie Beef brand, you can be assured the cattle have been raised in Australia’s unique climate, and processed in accordance with strict quality and integrity systems. It’s a quality mark for your peace of mind.