Scot of the South

A memorable tale.

Our Vision

In the spirit of our Black Angus founders, our vision is for each slice of SCOT to exceed your expectations, electrify your senses, and make each eating experience more memorable than the last. A tall order perhaps, but one we’re committed to.

Our graziers are experts in understanding the nuances of everything that makes Australian Black Angus unique. Beginning with 12 months grazing on open pastures in Eastern Australia, cattle are then introduced to a purposely tailored ration which brings out the traditional Angus taste and marbling. Fed in a stress-free environment for a minimum of 150 days, Paradigm Foods are committed to delivering the very best marbling, tenderness, juiciness and flavour in every single piece of SCOT Black Angus.

Our Angus.

  100% Australian Black Angus
  150 Day Grain Fed
  Mb3+ | Mb5+
  Hormone Growth Promotant Free

Superior eating quality

Eating quality is at the centre of everything we do. Our expert practices and commitment to quality ensures you always experience remarkable beef.

In the development of great eating quality, environment plays a crucial role. SCOT Black Angus cattle are raised in the Darling Downs and on the Liverpool Plains. These agricultural heartlands of Australia give our Black Angus cattle every opportunity to thrive.

Tradition with serious attention.

Best practice animal welfare

SCOT is grounded in traditional knowledge and expertise, then amplified by innovation and technique. From the paddock to the plate, we employ best practices for animal welfare, handling, feeding and transport.

Our production and processing facilities have been designed and developed to the highest environmental and animal welfare standards. Our cattle are antibiotic free and we have a zero use policy for added hormone growth promotants.

Just one more way we create ultimate flavour.