Scot of the South

The taste of tradition.

SCOT of the South

SCOT of the South Black Angus has been inspired by this exceptional breed’s Scottish heritage. In 1808 an Angus County farmer had a vision. A vision to create superior beef, selectively bred for high marbling content, exceptional tenderness, texture and flavour.

16 years later, a herd was established from that bloodline and became known as Aberdeen-Angus.

In 1820, those very cattle were introduced to Australia’s cool climate in Tasmania. From there, these genetics extended to other parts of the country, developing the premium Black Angus cattle Australia is synonymous with.

Authentically Angus

In honour of this lineage from Scotland, SCOT carries tradition, whilst evolving the quality and genetics to the breed’s current home in the Southern lush lands of Eastern Australia.

SCOT pays homage to these Scottish origins. To the dreams of pioneers’ past. Of those who chose to challenge. To risk. To create.

With this at the forefront of our minds, we in turn have created SCOT, and humbly thank those who have gone before.

Years in the making.

We’ve combined the traditional eating quality of Black Angus cattle, with knowledge, innovation and technique. The results speak for themselves.

Tender, juicy, marbled beef with outstanding flavour in every bite, and an eating experience that won’t disappoint.